Posted by: raesalley | August 24, 2004

The joys of paper…

Sometimes, I think the computer has created more paper than previously used. I have a desk full of sheets tracking videos while all the information is also in a database and saved on a shared drive. Why do I need the paper? Because it’s a faster reference, and allows me to bind a bunch of documents and sheets from various sources together. But….why? I’m sure MS Binder program thing combines all this stuff too…but some stuff isn’t “mine” to throw into that program (which, btw, isn’t even an option at work, so what do I care?)

I guess this is why I exist. Or something. Because all this paper means something, eventually, to me.

I do this at the theater too. I have a very nice 3″ D-ring binder that is the show bible (it even says that on it somewhere). Every scrap of information about a production is in there. I keep the thing for about a season and then spiral bind it at Kinkos. Now, I’m thinking of creating a portfolio book that will eliminate that requirement and I’ll just keep a few sequences from each production and a favorite show. I don’t like keeping paper just to keep paper.


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