Posted by: raesalley | September 15, 2004

Want to inspire fear and anxiety?

Say two little words to your employees: Performance Objectives.

I don’t know what it is, but for some unknown reason companies have decided the simple fact of doing your job well and finding better ways to do it more efficiently is no longer a good thing. That’s not quite true…they want you to do your job, but also develop as an employee and try new things.

Our Performance Objectives fall into one of three categories:
A: Meet Job Tasks & Requirements
B: Trigger Improvements – Stretch / Big New Things
C: Development

For the most part, doing my job is not complicated. I’m overqualified for it, but I like it. It doesn’t require too much thought, which is great for those days where I have no braincells due to a late night doing theater. However, there is a great number of things I’ve done to make this job better and more challenging for myself and it should be fun if I’m going to spend eight hours a day here, right? But Stretch Goals? Sure….how do we want to put that. I’m an admin, which means that my job is dependent extensively on what my boss wants me to accomplish, but she’s out when I’m supposed to be writing it. So, I take a guess and didn’t do too badly at it, since she’s said I’m good for the moment. She still has to meet with her supervisor to approve everything, but we’ll get there.

But remind me never to make employees tell me what their job is. That’s what job descriptions are for and why we do interviews & reviews. If they want to learn something new, that’s when they tell me and when I see if it’s possible given the job and the budget. Not this stupidity.


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