Posted by: raesalley | October 5, 2004

Soon, it will all be over.

This is such a case for why people elope. Hell, it’s definately why I’m going to do so. I’m dreading the levels of things can go wacky and I’m just a bridesmaid…I have no responsibility other than smile, look pretty, tell the bride she looks gorgeous, and hit my brother once in the arm (bc that’s what one does to younger siblings).

I have to pack tonight. Granted, it’s not a horrifying pack thing…but I have to think about it. Especially since two days I need regular clothes (for during the day) and then spiffy clothes (for rehearsal dinner & wedding). Not to mention we have to decide tonight if we’re bringing garb with us. D probably wants to, I’m not so sure I want to bring all of it. Maybe just be a lazy wench and do the top but not the skirts. ….That’s a thought…hmm. As long as there are no authenticity nazis, I would be fine.

Tomorrow, I get off work around 1pm. In the following two and a half hours, I have to make sure that everything is packed, all the last-minute items are stashed in the appropriate places & that my Leatherman makes it out of my purse. Since D, my partner in crime, & I are packing mostly the night before, this should be easy. I have to check with the office that they understand the kitty directions. Last minute cat proofing the house, and out the door to the airport…where we will sit for a long time after getting through security in probably less than a half hour. The flight lands somewhere around 7:15p, which means we’ll get to my parents’ home for a late dinner and a bit of relaxation before the insanity ensues.

While in loverly Ohio, we’re going to go back to the zoo (since we like it so much, and we can get in free through our membership here). We hope that the soon to be Mr & Mrs Z will join us, but who knows what else they’re doing. It’s Saturday that might get messy. You’d think the day after the wedding should be low-key and people doing whatever they want, right? Nope. My mother is having brunch at her home…which means we have to delay our leaving for freedom of Columbus and ORenn until after the newlyweds arrive…which might be later than sin. Even though they are cool with us leaving, if we try to sneak out the back door, we’re busted and forever will go into family memory as the sister who tried to leave her brother’s wedding early. A fate worse than death, I assure you.

Now among my preparations is making sure that Elanova’s number is in my phone (which it is). This way, I can call when we leave and again when we get lost (because I can almost guarantee that will happen). I’ve also never been to her new abode where she lives in delicious sin with her SO…so this will be fun. We’re crashing there (if they’ll let us!) on Saturday before a relaxing brunch Sunday morning with normal people…before we return to my family abode.

Oh, and Project Management starts Thursday.


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