Posted by: raesalley | February 3, 2005


Last night on my way home, I called the Bald One and discovered that our favorite shows weren’t on due to the evil Shrub speaking. Now, I’m not a fan of where the last four years have led this country and I’m not terribly looking forward to the next four…but I know that come 2008 it will be over – sort of. So I haven’t thought anything drastic, like fleeing the country.

But my best friend and I are going to Vancouver in a few short weeks, for a week long purposeful vacation. The entire point of the trip is to discover whether she would want to go to graduate school there. After all, if you’re going to spend the next few years of your life in a city, don’t you want to know if the city is worth spending time in?

Back to my phone conversation while I sleepily drove the 8 miles home…
I asked (jokingly) “so should I look at jobs in Vancouver when I’m there?” He surprised me by saying “yes”

Now would we seriously uproot our lives and move across the continent and across the country boarder? Not without serious consultation of what is going on in our lives. First off, we’d only go if we could both work – It’s not as simple as when I came to NC on a visiting artists contract and had eight weeks and temporary housing provided. Even then, I was only going to stay a year at first. Granted, I’ve now been here three and a half years and no immediate plans on leaving…but still. We’d need work. And work in at least my field, because there’s no reason to move to another country to not do what I love, right?

Even if I found something, how would he get there? Would we rent a large moving truck and move everything across country (why, in some cases?!?) or would we hire someone? Would we even be able to afford to hire someone?

It seems like a pipe dream, but still….the thought was planted


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