Posted by: raesalley | February 16, 2005

oh, the joys of online existance…

My current insanity is trying to slowly change over all of my email information to a sensible email address. While the one I’ve used for the past four years makes perfect sense to me, not everyone gets it and it’s nearly impossible to spell on the phone (E as in Edward, L as in …). Use your initials, someone suggested…well, I am in a way already – E for ewe, Lilly instead of Lily, and G for Green. That’s my name. Really. Fine, I know you don’t get it…

I’m trying to get down to TWO email addresses. One is a yahoo account which will be attached to bills, online accounts, everything and anything. Granted…each account still has different login information and passwords that mean nothing to anyone but me. The other is the super-secret-squirrel address with Google’s Gmail.

The only problem comes from actually getting everything to update. I have a hotmail address that billing companies, friends, and complete strangers are sending mail to. And I wonder why I’m not getting notification about billing statements or my reminders to pay a bill. Even though the account shows that I updated the email address, some program is still going wrong. Frustrating that. Then there was the brief period where I thought it would be nice to have separate emails for different aspects of me. That was fun. I knew if I got email at a certain address it was a public contact that found me off my website. Then I realized that my website wasn’t really as public as it could be to get that kind of press, and it didn’t matter. Right? Right. Well, the witchy aspect email is definitely shut down. I just got confirmation of that. The theater one had to be reactivated briefly to get a password so I could change an account over. Once that account is changed, then I’ll be able to let that die. The remaining account was my “junk” account that was given to websites for give aways and such. That should have died by now, but seemingly it hasn’t. I’ll have to see if I can login.


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