Posted by: raesalley | February 16, 2005


I logged on to my thought-it-was-dead account. Only 77 messages and 365 spam. Not too bad. However, I discovered there were messages that I should have been getting but haven’t been. Some of it is because a friend of mine is trying to forward messages but fails to do so because the images are lost when you forward. Weird, but true. I think he sends them to both of my email addresses that he knows (e & r). However, with the r one “off” as far as I’m concerned (and in thirty days, so will Yahoo) and the e one migrating…should be fun to see what happens.

I have nineteen more “known” webclients and bills to migrate to the new address. Then all that will remain is moving my calendar (ack!) and contacts before officially announcing the change. Should be fun. Not.


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