Posted by: raesalley | February 18, 2005


What is it about Friday that provides a source of rejuvenation to the spirit? Why am I getting that but only until I realize that I have a weekend full of performances. Damn living in two worlds.

When I worked theater full time, I loved Saturday and Sunday like any normal person during my build periods when I worked in the shops. Most of the time, Saturday and Sunday were the down days and we worked hard the rest of the week. When we were in performance mode, my joy was transfered to Mondays. I actually liked having Mondays off more than the weekends because you could actually get things done without having to work through everyone else being at the mall or on the road or in the movie theater. Granted, it made it hard to hang out with friends in the working world, but that’s okay…I had theater friends too.

Living this strange half in half out life, I have weekends as a sense of “yeah! only one job calling demands on me for three days!” which is not nearly as satisfying as actually having time off. Especially when I remember that I have about five more months of grad school, where all that translates to is having actual decent blocks of time to read through whatever management philosophy hell I’m punishing my brain with. But in the end, I’m gaining valuable experience, getting new ideas, seeing how to do things and how NOT to do things…and some day, I might be in a position to apply them regularly.


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