Posted by: raesalley | March 3, 2005


It’s amazing. I was woken up at a reasonable hour by four furry demons demanding food and an irritating alarm. In an effort to convince myself to go to the gym, I actually got up after the second snooze button went off. Why is it with the Bald One, he’ll wake up at ungodly hours…with me they wait until my alarm makes me walk across the room to beat it senseless before they begin begging. Oh, and by “reasonable” I mean 6am…an hour I haven’t seen in two months because I’ve been staying up too late to care to even think about the gym. I learned somewhere during the rehearsal process of my last show that working forty hours a week plus a show plus homework plus gym means that something gives out – usually my sanity. This meant I didn’t go to the gym, except on weekends when I had off on Saturdays from rehearsal and work and tried to spend most of the day catching up from things I couldn’t do during the week (groceries, laundry, cleaning, spending time with boyfriend, sleep).

Anyway, today I got up and fed the cats at the reasonable hour of 6am. I wandered around, debating whether or not I wanted to curl back up in bed or be a responsible individual trying to lose weight and better my health. I chose to be a better person and dragged on leggings, a tshirt, a sweatshirt and my tennies before walking out the door (without my coat) and realizing it’s really cold. Another reason I need to do this workout thing later…but I like it as a means to wake up.

About fifteen mintues into my cardio, I was getting back in stride. I was bopping along to my MP3 player and reading the latest zoo news. I was feeling good. No longer was I thinking of cutting it short for a first day back session, but just kept going. I finished the magazine at the end of 25 minutes. I felt good, refreshed.

I even went home and had breakfast (with freshly brewed set-on-timer coffee!) at the breakfast table like an adult. And got to work on time.

I’m in shock.

The only problem is a coworker asked me out for lunch at 1p…and I’m starving now. Darnit.


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