Posted by: raesalley | May 30, 2005

Well, the hard part’s over

Or something like that. I survived. I’m here to talk about it. Pretty bitchin’ if you ask me.

On Monday I got to work late, my boss took one look at me and sent me home to sleep. I sorta did. I read for class a lot of back stuff and dozed in the recliner in the sunroom with kitties. Made me feel tons better. I guess I had been doing a bit too much and not enough sleep, and that needed to be remedied, and napping in a chair most of the day did it.

Tuesday was a whirlwind, as I got to work and was there for about two hours (just enough to get some day-to-day stuff done plus a bit) before going off to the conference thing where I helped set up and smiled a lot with people for four hours. Not terribly long, but felt that way. Especially when I got to leave there and directly go to rehearsal. Rehearsal goes swimmingly, as expected, and I go home to do more much needed homework. Then, crash.

Wednesday was a very early start – had to be at the conference by 8-8:30a. I split the difference and got there by 8:15. Was rated as a success as many people came up and talked to us and asked questions and we got what we wanted from them. Just not as much as I had hoped. But we gave away an iPod Mini, so that was cool. (Crap, I don’t think I got that in the mail!) I worked a long day before going off to rehearsal. We did the short version (Silver River on speed) so we could all get home to do things before sleeping well and having to get up early the next day.

Thursday I got up early so I could get my oil changed and car inspected before I went to work. Well, that was the plan. I got up early and ate breakfast, which meant that I didn’t quite get in early as I wanted, but then got to work eventually and was there for about an hour. Since I hadn’t planned on coming in at all, the was an improvement. 🙂 Then, it was off to the bank to deposit money and get money and then to the theater to load up my car. With a minorly loaded car (most of the stuff went in the ASM’s SUV), we were all off for Asheville at differing paces. I got our festival packet to get into different events throughout the next ten days and met everyone for load in at the space. Feeling accomplished, my ASM and I went in search of dinner at a little Mexican joint where she proceeded to encourage me to drink their most excellent margaritas. Early sleep.

Friday was a long ass day. We were back at the theater at 10:30a for a stage set with an 11am tech call. Our actress wasn’t called until 12:30p, and we wanted to at least set preliminary levels for lighting and sound before she got there. We almost made it. We were ready tech-wise and up for a break at 1:30p with a “go” for a speedthrough at 1:45p. We got done with the entire two hour show (including intermission) by 4p, which was very impressive. I met up with my friends and D in the middle of downtown for a quick dinner before being back at our hotel to change into my nice blacks. See, it’s opening night & there’s a major gala afterwards. To the point our esteemed hosts wore tuxes. I got to nosh on champagne and fruit dipped in a chocolate fountain after having a very successful opening performance. Then, I got to meet up with my friends to find a place to hang out before going home to bed.

And you would think, with all that stress done, I could sleep…right? Nope. Couldn’t get to sleep until 4am because it was too quiet. Grr.

But Saturday & Sunday were cool because I hung out with my friends the entire time. I got a tattoo done, which is beautiful (but we haven’t quite told the ‘rents yet). I also bought a fabulous new skirt and a present for a certain friend of mine. She’ll be getting a care package some time this upcoming month of goodies that are overdue but it’s been a pain finding something.

Now, I get to sleep in tomorrow (must put out “do not disturb” sign!) and relax until 3ish, when I have to go get ready for my 4p show. Gods I love theater festivals. Sleep, read, sight see the city and work for a few hours.


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