an independent bookstore!

I forgot how fun these are, until I wandered into Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe. Immediately upon entering there’s a small bookcase that has banned books displayed as the contents. Seeing Neverwhere on it, I get confused and ask at the front desk. He says he doesn’t know immediately but he’ll get back to me. Fifteen minutes later (and me browsing the entire time), I’m found by the clerk who tells me it was an accident. Cool, good books shouldn’t be banned. Ever. A closed mind is a terrible thing.

I also found something I haven’t seen at home – a pagan/occult section that has something other than a few books by Cunningham and Ravenwolf. And a short section on Shamanism. Nifty. I browse and find something that’s actually right up my alley (The Circle Within, by Dianne Sylvan) and another thing just for fun (Witch in the Kitchen). I finish this off by wandering through their displayed CDs (one on music inspired by Froud? and the “Rough Guide” series) before parting with my money. Joys.

I also found something completely evil – a chocolate shop. I walked out with 8 truffles and $15 lighter.


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Escaping the world of children, family obligations, working in a male-dominated field to read about HEA/HFN and hopefully remembering to write about it.

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