Posted by: raesalley | June 28, 2005

yeah for customer service

Last night, to fix the problem with the cell phone of breakage-ness, the Bald One & I took a trip to Best Buy in Cary (Store #147) to get things taken care of. I got to take up two people’s time while we were there because one spent the entire hour on the phone with Cingular getting my contract straightened out. (No, she signed a one year contract in December 2003. Yes she has made adjustments to it, but none of them were to change from a one year to a two year contract. Yes, I have the original contract in front of me…) The other was a fabulous gentleman who tried to understand the five or six different problems that affected the one problem of me having a broken phone. In the end, we established that I needed a phone by Saturday. If the folks at 800-Best Buy couldn’t do that, then I’d have permission to get a phone in the store…but I’d still have to do a rebate for the original $50 I spent on the phone. Turns out, when you ask the same question several times, you get results. Eventually. After an hour, we agreed that I’d get a Motorola V400 that would be shipped overnight via FedEx to me at my day job. This, by the way, is the exact phone that D has. Which means I’m going to need to do something to the phone to make it undoubtedly mine so he doesn’t pick it up some mornings. That’s a small price to pay.

In other excellent news, I got to read the entire weekly assignment again and write a paper for class and turn it in with fifteen minutes to spare – despite being at Best Buy from 7:20p to about 9pm. Not bad, eh?


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