Posted by: raesalley | July 25, 2005


I blatantly stole this from a friend. It was interesting, so I decided to try it…post your answers below or in your own blog if you want to play along. I’m going to come back to them later today & answer after I think a bit.

How do you individually, define success?
Being able to do what I want, when I want…within reason. And being happy at the things that get me what I want. Fairly basic and easy, right?

What makes you feel successful in your life? Why?
Getting a project done. Soon, having my masters completed…A good opening of a good show or pulling off something complicated. Being able to afford what I want.

What need(s) does having success fulfill?
I wouldn’t have to worry about deciding between getting my car fixed and buying good groceries. If I have a weekend off and there’s a great deal on flying to Cleveland, I’d be able to take it and see my parents & brother. Little things like not worrying about buying a book I want.
Success would also mean only working in one job, in one field. Even if that “field” was independent contractor for various theaters…if it would be enough to pay the bills and keep the kitties in kibble, I’d be happy.

What has influenced your definition/understanding of success?
Living life. I once thought I should be able to buy my own nice little townhouse upon graduation and live happily in my own place. Now, not so much concerned about where I live as much as how I live. If I’m able to do what I want to do, I’ve achieved success.

If you could wave a magic wand right this minute and *poof* magically make yourself “successful” (using your own definition of what constitutes success)…what would your life be like?
I’d be working in a full theater as a production manager with a long term contract (like five years, renewable). I’d get to come home to a comfortable spacious living place with enough time to cook something healthy for dinner for D & I before settling down to whatever that evening – having friends over for games or movies, or just reading and hanging out together. I’d be able to keep the place picked up because I wouldn’t be overworked and tired. We’d have a library room full of books.


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