Posted by: raesalley | August 9, 2005

the week of the cancelled meetings

Yesterday I was supposed to meet with my current FMTC director. However, since the groundplan deadline got pushed back, we went over everything we might have needed to meet about on the phone. No need for me to drive out to Cary at night and spend an hour discussing the fine points of our upcoming project. Excellent. So what did I do instead of doing bookwork for the darn show? I read the Givenchy Code, which is a fun little book. If you need a quick, light weekend read – grab it from your local book venue. I guess that means I should work on putting my book together tonight.

I was supposed to have a photo shoot today too. Not that I’m really looking forward to that, but it got moved to later today. That means today wasn’t a total waste of make-up. Why am I having my photo taken? Because the powers that be (She Who Must Be Obeyed) wants there to be a photographic connection on the website so that people can see who they’re emailing and speaking with on the phone, since so many of the library clients never darken our door. I can’t complain, I’ll send the file to EbzB to replace the rigged shot that’s up there now for my headshot.

The other canceled meeting on my schedule is a coffee appointment. This was to be with a friend of mine who AD’d a show I worked on earlier this year (yet, it was last season…). Anyway, we were going to get together partially to talk about what is wrong with the Triangle theater scene and what we would do if we had our own company. Scary enough, it’s actually possible that I might be working with her on her own theater company. While this area needs another theater company like it needs a hole in the head, it’s nice to see the conception of one and possibly have a say in the matter on how it is directed. It’s a point to ponder…

See, the long range scheming has a few possibilities. Long range scheme #1 – D & I move to DC in a year or two, I start working with the theater companies in the area, eventually getting an APM job which might lead to a PM spot. LRS#2 – we move to DC, work the area for a while, then when Nicoli gets his butt down there from Boston, we start our own company – probably a dinner theater where we get J out of Chicago to play with us. LRS#3 – Nicoli gets me a job as his boss in Boston and we all live happily ever after up in really frickin cold weather with good baseball & football, but astronomical housing costs.

Who knows…right now, I’m happy when the bills get paid on time.


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