Posted by: raesalley | August 12, 2005


hard to believe, but it’s true. the weekend will be upon us in seven hours. By then, I’ll be home and probably falling asleep on the couch. Hopefully, I’ll wake up by 8p in order to watch SciFi fridays. (Sad, that this is such a point in my weekend. I blame the addiction on elanova) But I had a long night last night.

I was at karaoke for the first time in a long time. Both bartenders chided me for having been gone. Sorry guys, work & finishing school will do that to a woman. The gang was all out though, since it was R&T’s last night in town. I even brought my cute little film camera to catch some of the hijinks. Good times.

In other news…I got something accomplished at work. I’m completely caught up with first round data entry for a database I content-manage. So yeah. Now I just have to get all the books off my desk and on the shelf. Should be a slightly harder problem…but I’ll manage.

Finally, I’m back to reading for fun. I love it. Currently up is Todd McCaffrey’s first solo Pern novel. He wrote one with his mom earlier, which I have on my bookshelf loaned from Dad. I’m reading this one first though, because I’ve had it out from the library forever and should read it so I can return the poor thing.


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