Posted by: raesalley | August 17, 2005


where have you gone?

My motivation for work hit the basement. I’d like it back, since there is stuff I need to get done, you know what I mean? It’s not “fun” but it is stuff that needs to get the heck off my desk. Instead, I’m fixated on how slow the day is going. Like the fact it’s an hour to lunch. At least I’ll get to see C…and maybe R as well. He wants some pointers on theater stuff. Who knew?

That’s right…work. See what I mean? I have a stack of books I need to process and a few things right in front of me. Not to mention writing some SOPs and a manual. And I’d much rather play bejeweled right now. I blame it on oversleeping. Which is because I finished a book. I need a touch more self control.

My other lack of motivation seems to be focused on dealing with a few things from the theater and in my apartment. I need to clean out my desk – yet, I don’t really want to deal with it or the subsequent mess I’ll make. I’ve cleaned up half my office. That involved realizing I could move the drafting table to almost the window and put the bookcase next to the wall. There’d be enough space for me to step between the two or even kneel down if I wanted to get to stuff within the lower shelves. PLUS it gives me a place to put the really heavy SM kit where it’s out of the way but accessible. Now I just have to deal with my desk. But it has stuff in it that I’m not sure I have anything really to do. There’s a drawer full of 3-ring binders which I keep in case I need them for theater stuff. There’s two drawers of computer stuff. The middle drawer has the pens and pencil things that I need to keep track of and have easy access to at the desk. That leaves the catch all drawer. Not to mention the two little drawer boxes. I want them to move to the drafting table, as they hold crafty supplies and that makes more sense. I just need to do that. Pesky. But I don’t feel like it.

I also need to do a preproduction breakdown (to make me happy), make curtains, design a piece of pottery I’ve had for now almost two years. Not to mention about the bag of mending I have to do, the three things that have minor fixes to do (finish a hem that’s raveling, resew buttons). These are all easy things and they’d be ~done~ then…but I haven’t gotten to them. And have no motivation to do them.


In other news – I want an uglydoll. Their website tells more about them. I think I want one because they remind me of the stuffed microbes. I’m a sick little girl.



  1. if you’re into bejeweled try playing at it has a few variations of the game with high-scores … i’m an addict 🙂

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