Posted by: raesalley | August 22, 2005

I have had worse ideas…

…than to go on a very quick weekend vacation to another country the day before I start a show. I just can’t remember them right now.

A while back, like June, my mother and & decided that Phoenix is just too damn hot to go on vacation to the last weekend of July. 104F as the average is just a touch too much for me and about 20 degrees over comfortably warm for my mother. We batted around a few ideas for other places to go and decided that the Shaw Festival in Niagara on the Lake sounded like the best deal. I’d fly in to Cleveland and she’d pick up the hotel for us and the tickets. Fabulous. We even managed to pick two shows with little discussion. (We saw Something on the Side and The Constant Wife – apparently I was in a mood for comedy & the fun of relationships.)

The first weekend we want is early August. It would have been my first “free” weekend, and the shows were both on Saturday. Not great – because four hours of theater can be draining even with a lunch break, but better than all on Sunday. It would have allowed for us to drive up Friday night and stay through part of Sunday morning. I reserve tickets for early afternoon out of town and coming back early Monday. I call my fabulous mother-cruise director only to find out there is a regatta in town and no rooms. I suggest the following weekend, but Dad’s company picnic is that weekend. So that left this past weekend. Still not bad. I have to move a production meeting that nobody but the director and I know about, but it can be done.

The weekend approaches with reminders to all theater folk that I’ll be out of the state and out of the country for a bit for the weekend. Don’t expect me to get back to you. I fly out and things are going well until I realize I forgot my cell phone charger – whoops. Minor difficulty that can be overcome.

Dinner upon arrival is nice, because I got to see my brother and SIL in the old Euclid haunts. Even ran into two folks from marching band days. Scary stuff. The next day was a brief shopping trip because we could and Dillards was 75% off. Then it was out of the country on a four mile drive. It was actually quite nice to drive up…we were still all in good spirits. That night we wandered around Niagara on the Lake to find dinner at where we first looked. Good wine, good food, excellent conversation. Not bad.

Sunday started out excellent, but by the end it reminded me why I live a 1 hour and 19 minute plane ride away from my family (or, 10 hour drive…576 miles…4 states…whatever). Consistent contact is bad. I think we set a new record. I arrived at 7:30p Friday and it took until 5p Sunday for us (Mom & I) to snipe at each other. I’m not there yet though. First we have to have an excellent late breakfast at a place called Willow’s that specializes in cakes and pasteries. We got the definite hint that many women picked out their wedding cake there. Understandable, since the lemon curd tart with berries was a party in my mouth. We had plenty of time to kill, which meant wandering the small shops. I’m not Irish, yet I keep loving their weaving styles. There was a knick-knack shop that made me want to sneeze. A linen shop that made me feel like I should have a dining room in order to be in there. The last place was the one that got me in a bit of trouble – it was a hat shop called Beau Chapeau. Mom got a hat, I got a hat…dad got a size. Poor Daddy. Then it was our first show, followed by lunch, followed by debating the dad-hat, followed by the second show. It was then we got snipy.

~ more later ~

– Despite arriving at 65 minutes to take off, I got through check-in & security plus walking out to D terminal in plenty of time to get my coffee before they called boarding for my row.


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