Posted by: raesalley | September 1, 2005


Today was the day that the annual free credit report opened up to my portion of the United States!

I requested only one…that way I can get one every four months. How’s that for brilliance? Hopefully, since I’ll be trying to clear things up things will eventually clear off my account. As it is, it’s a little messy from doing that whole school thing. I had somehow ended up with five different loans in undergrad…which then was consolidated into a sixth loan. However, the other five were cleared off as “Closed – in good standing.” Now, I have four loans from my grad school stuff, which I’m trying to consolidate as well. That should be interesting. So I have 23 accounts for a total of $68,048. Of that…about $50k is student loans, $1.5k is my remaining balance on my car, and then I have roughly $7k on a mini-mortgage for the vacation club doohickey. So out of $68k….only $10k of it is not cool stuff. Which is about right, according to my math. Bitchin. And I’m thinking that a larger percentage of that is going to be gone by the time I do this request next year.

D isn’t so lucky. Looking at his stuff, he has a bunch of really weird account things happening. We’re going to play match game probably this weekend with his account to try to figure out who sold what account to who, who sold it to someone else…and what that was actually from. He’s getting letters from folks asking to pay off something …. where he has no idea what they’re connected to. Should be fun.

In the other land of weird things…D won an award at work (yeah!) for service. He gets a paid day off as a reward. It’s also another good point towards being snatched up by Wilmington


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