Posted by: raesalley | September 28, 2005

Wine & Jazz, pt 4

The bright blue sky outside the window was a beautiful backdrop for the riot of fall colors on the trees. Alyssa was biding her time in the waiting room watching a squirrel stash his acorns in a hole midway up the tree. Watching the seasons change was something that never failed to entertain her.

The first round interview had gone well. John Read did remember her from their previous working relationships together. While her four years in the city had been bad personally, professionally she had done some amazing work and the word had filtered down to here as well. The fact that she was available for the contract and agreed with the direction that the designers had taken so far was a bonus. She was familiar with the play, but had yet to do it so far…so it would be an interesting challenge. John also mentioned that he wanted her as an assistant for She Loves Me later that season. He had yet to find someone that had the ability to work on a musical that he felt he could work with.

And to think, I hated taking piano lessons. Those lessons have served me better than I ever thought. Alyssa looked up to see that the receptionist had just put down her phone and was looking in her direction.

“They’re ready for me?”

“Yes Alyssa, go right in.”

“Thanks.” Gathering her case and straightening her shirt one last time, Alyssa stood and started towards the door to the small conference room. “Wish me luck.”


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