Posted by: raesalley | September 30, 2005

so, last day of tech (and all before it)

When we last left our fearless heroine, she was on her way to bed. Which I did. And miraculously woke up about five hours later rarin’ to go.

Why doesn’t this work normally, btw?

I woke up to a phone call (awesome) that I managed to successfully handle and get everything answered that I needed to. How’s that for impressive with no coffee? That being done, I jumped to the next task of the day – breakfast, shower, and then plotting out all the scene changes with new Clue Fairy sheets. Success in just enough time to get them printed and packed before a most excellent lunch with bellaJ followed by a mani/pedi (sometimes, it’s fabulous to be girly) and a brief shopping exploit. Then off to the theater.

It was actually laid back until about 6ish, when everyone started to arrive. I ordered pizza, we partied and got ready and were ready to go when I said we would be (7:15) but first we had to explain to the director how to call a show from a prompt script instead of a cue sheet. After that, we started at 7:30 and rocked the first act until 9:45pm (1:15m run time is NOT BAD – considering the first time we did it it was 1:24 without scene changes) It was then the shoe dropped.

See, the doors had nowhere to live but onstage. So they lived onstage. But apparently that was disconcerting to the AD and the surprise! audience of three. They were cut, without ceremony. In discussions, the director was musing outloud to an actor and said something about potentially cutting the table as well and I (stupid!stupid!stupid!) said “well, maybe we should just do the show with the pier and nothing else…” to which the director said “can we?”

I apparently had a blank stare for about three minutes as I refigured every scene change and set up in my head before saying “yes” We did the second act with just the pier (and a confessional, and a gurney). Actors are responsible for a lot of linens and stuff, but much of the show is now cut in terms of “stuff” Backstage is a lot easier to live in now.

The show went down somewhere around 11:30ish (so, about an hour) and we then had notes. This included the AD interupting the costumer *twice* with stupid things while she was telling the actors that they need to haul ass. You’re doing a quick change, not a let me change my shirt while talking with friends and chilling. A QUICK CHANGE. The AD is also on my personal black list now – at least and a director/AD. Followed by refiguring how to do act one really quickly. I had one brief whine of “I’m not sure I can THINK” which was squashed by the fact that, well, we open today. So we did it and everything on speed. Which was funny, since some people were up for it and others were NOT. Fun times.

Then, it was out of there. I went to the bar, because I was still awake and they bought me a drink (yeah!) and I informed the gang of the craziness that happened. After, it was to bed to oversleep and go to work


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