Posted by: raesalley | October 11, 2005

Coff Coff Coff

That’s what I sound like, but more often than not it’s only one or two, not three in sequence. There’s been a damp that has snuck into the Eastern Seaboard and elsewhere that is most likely responsible. I just hope it isn’t something serious. While it was kinda fun to have a sexy, raspy voice for a day or two…now it’s just annoying. And I cough more at home than anywhere else. Which makes me think it’s something in my home. But, the nice apartment people crawled around inside my ceiling this afternoon (D was home for that) and said that there was a grate loose that they would caulk up but it doesn’t seem to have gotten the insulation damp enough to mold. So whatever is irritating me isn’t mold. Thanks. But you know, for a brand new roof, this is really annoying – two leaks and now a loose grate? You might want to contact those guys and kick them.

The other highlight of my day was I spent four hours on a bus to witness the ceremonial opening of the Greenville office for my day job. Pretty event, complete with chocolate fountain. There was much speech-making (which were blessedly brief and to the point) and I got to see some interesting people. I met someone from my hope-to-be future city of residence (Wilmington, NC) who offered to suggest some good places to go and things to do once I moved there. I gave him my card. Later found out that he might…might…be the person in charge of that office. That makes him my hoped-for job’s potential boss. Nice. A coworker is going to ask a few non-direct questions of someone with a better clue to see if there is any truth to this information. It’s highly possible that I’ll be ringing in the new year from a new address. Which will suck in some ways but rock in others.

This means the question becomes can I move and start planning an event in the next three months? Possible. And the fact that I’d be getting a raise (because the position is a salary grade higher) wouldn’t hurt either. Even if D is stuck as a lead until they officially get the MM position open for him, we should be good…especially since ILM has a lower cost of living. And the event I’m trying to plan should easily flip to another city.

Wheels are turning.


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