Posted by: raesalley | October 17, 2005

what the hell????

Okay, I have a cell phone. They’re great tools and everyone who needs to be contacted on a regular basis where phones are not always available should have one as long as you don’t abuse them. Say, by driving and talking without a headset and forgetting that the first thing you should be focused on is….driving?

I digress.

For theater stuff, I give out two phone numbers to cast and design staff – my cell phone for everything at any time and my work number for when you absolutely must get a hold of me now and it’s during business hours. The building I work in predates cell phones and has very sucky reception. I can get text messages. Most of the time I can see my phone ringing. I just can’t answer the phone. So I tell people if it’s important, call my work number. Doctor’s offices, people I’m dealing with for customer service issues, all kinds of folks have my direct line number. They’re supposed to use it. There’s notes in my records at my doc’s office of my home phone and my work phone. Some reason, my doc also has my cell phone number…probably because I was sick as sick could be and might not get the house phone. Who knows? But they have it.

I went to the doc’s on Wednesday complaining of a week long cough that wouldn’t go away. People listen to me and instantly worry that I’m deathly ill, so I must not sound too great. I start coughing horribly around 10p and it lasts all night. (I’m sure that was fabulous for D last night when he was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep anyway.) Anyway, I called the doc’s office this morning as a follow up to a call I found on my machine Saturday morning. They called the middle of the day Friday and asked how I was and if things were getting better. No, they’re not…so I called them back early this afternoon. Despite the fact that I specifically left my work number, they called my cell phone back a little later. I checked my voicemail by calling my cell from my desk to find out it was them.

Arg. I called them back and double checked that she had my work number. I also gave the woman who answered the phone my pharmacists number, in case they needed that. I’m still hoping the doc calls me back so I can find out what “inconclusive lab results” means. Bugger.


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