Posted by: raesalley | December 24, 2005

well fed festivities

What is it about the holiday season that just leads to excess? Whatever it is, thank goodness it’s only once a year.

To celebrate the holidays with friends and loved ones, we usually get together around food and exchange gifts and well wishes. When you’re on the less plentiful side, the food and well wishes suffice because the time is more hard-fought for. When I first moved to this loverly area, there were two couples (and myself) who would get together for dinner once a week. That (over the years, weddings, moves and babies) became holidays & birthdays only. Now, it’s become a poluck once a year. That was last weekend and I got my fix of seeing some friends and talking with them, getting asked about rough wedding plans and got to feed my friends’ six month old boy. Tonight, I had some of my other friends over for a potluck-ish food fest.

Dinner was set for 7:30 and I was afraid given the boys-who-eat-house-and-home-if-given-chance appetites, there would be no where near enough food. Plus, I was only cooking carnivore lasagna – some people like the vegetables. So was kind and fabulous enough to make a vegetable lasagna that would be tossed in the flames upon her arrival. S&M brought the cold veggies in salad form while kitty & the phoenix sprung for vampire-proof bread. Unfortunately for our steps, they disliked J’s walking on them & attacked – resulting in blood, injury and falling lasagna. Her heroic efforts saved most of the lasagna (which was transferred to another pan and tossed into the oven) but resulted in a gash across her hand. Kitty served as medic and got her cleaned up enough for wine & food.

All had too much to eat, and there’s still considerable amounts of lasagna left. However, I’m not nearly as cute as K, who did this all with a fabulous fifties flair – I styled the cut tshirt of my alma mater with jeans & bad hair. Nicely though, clean up was fairly easy as a good portion of it was done once the lasagnas went in to the oven. D did most of the rest of the clean up, fabulous boy that he is. I think I’ll keep him. What’s left of the lasagna will probably go to LnT to feed the poor slaves of retail on the last shopping day before giftmas. Excellent.

Off to bed with me. I have to take D to work in six hours, pick up something via freecycle, do laundry, pack, get hair streaked and finish wrapping stuff tomorrow.


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