Posted by: raesalley | January 4, 2006

if you’re not mad, you’re not paying attention!

There are so many points during the year that I’m happy with my day job. When we here about companies that are doing amazing work through biotech/pharmaceuticals to make people’s lives better…or how about the orphan drugs (so called because they reach such a small percentage of the population) that make it and completely change how a person deals with a disease or genetics? Those are the moments where I’m happy to be working for an agency that supports these companies. I can probably find a dozen just by going through news clippings of late.

But then…through the blogsphere (in this case via her friend page linking indirectly to this) I learn about things that piss me the fuck off because some under-educated dimwit decides that he knows better how to live another’s life than that individual does.

What am I talking about? It’s not a hard concept, but I’ll be generic since I linked to a specific thing.
Guy-with-a-big-voice (heretofor GWB-V) decides that a side effect, unintentional potential outcome or a tiny incident means that Useful Tool must be obliterated from the use of the world as he knows it. (Now, I’m being generic with the “he” here, don’t get your dander up.) GWB-V raises a bunch of friends by telling half-truths. Now, these friends are one of two types – the undereducated or unwilling to educate themselves on the particulars & the feverent believers. Under education/unwillingness to educate are things that can be solved by leading the individual to knowledge…but you can’t always make the horse drink the damn water. Is the feverent believers you have to watch out for – because no matter what you say, show them reports & studies, or actual scientific proof….they will believe what they want to believe. Need an example? Copernicus said the earth was not the center of the universe….yet it took YEARS to be believed. The earth is also round & you will not sail off the edge. Honest.

So now GWB-V has followers…and with followers he gets money or support, depending on what he needs. Usually, it’s both. The money gets the ways to spread their beliefs and the support means people writing their congressional representatives to get whatever to go away. Or the FDA. Then, you have the lawyers – now, not to knock lawyers because they have their uses…but when did ambulance chasing get so damn popular? It’s never the person’s fault – it’s always someone elses. Otherwise known as the reason we have coffee cups that tell us the content MAY BE HOT. In case you didn’t know that a boiled liquid when processed through grounds and doctored with cream and sugar might still retain it’s boiled liquid temperature – and probably the reason the thing is steaming. Between the writing, the advertising, the new converts, the people in elected offices trying to keep their jobs & the nutty lawyers telling you that your lot in life is the fault of somebody else…we’re screwed.

So instead of having a drug that will keep people functioning on a daily basis, we have blocked FDA approval because it might (might!) cause liver damage. Instead of a woman having the right to choose to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, she lives in fear that the clinic she will go to will be picketed & she’ll be ridiculed or worse, that it’ll be attacked while she’s there. Instead of having a drug that helps individuals deal with a deadly genetic disorder that cripples their life, a company abandons it out of fear that one of the side effects will trip off bad publicity. Instead of expecting people to take care of themselves, use common sense and live their own lives, we have legislation & regulations that pin us into living the life someone else believes we should.

I’m disgusted. And what’s worse, I’m outnumbered. It’s too easy to let someone else make decisions than to make them for oneself. It’s too easy to sit on welfare than get a job. It’s too easy to expect that Big Brother will watch out for us always. And yet, we complain about our loss of civil freedoms. Worse than being disgusted, I’m becoming apathetic. Because at least by being disgusted, I still cared.


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