Posted by: raesalley | January 8, 2006

How long can a day be?

I know that I’ve gotten used to sleeping in one day a week. It’s been rather nice. However, I’m now at a small point where I have to remember I work for a living – a lot. And I shouldn’t be keeping the stupod hours if I want to…oh…continue doing such things.

Yesterday, I slept until about 11am. Which probably helped me survive as late as I did…we went out to celebrate D being older this coming Monday. We started to all doze off somewhere around…four this morning. And I still had to call my parents at nine…and drive S&M back to their vehicle. Because M has to finish some prep for tonight’s gaming session. Yep…D&D is on full speed again, as of right before the holiday. Every three weeks.

But before D&D, I hav a production meeting (woohoo!) for ACL. And that’s at 2p. So…I have to leave my place by 1:30 in order to be where I current am on time. Which means I have to leave here in the next half hour so I can shower and dress and such. And the BIrthday Boy isn’t up yet.

Dammit. 🙂 But you only turn 33 once in a life time, if you do it right.

My weekends are becoming one solid day instead of two…and this might be an issue as to why I’m not sleeping well during the week.


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