Posted by: raesalley | February 10, 2006

just how many places can one gal live?

Up until I went off to college, I had lived in two houses. Two. One of them we left when I was five, so I really didn’t have a clue there. I can’t tell you much other than it was on Elmwood, in Cleveland Hts and had a beautiful dogwood tree out back. nice though.

Then, I went to college. I first lived in one of the freshman buildings for six weeks – I can’t even remember the name of the building other than it started with “S” and was across from the Dome. From there, I moved to another freshman dorm for the first half of my freshman year (303 Stadium Place). Left that location for DellPlain Hall where I lived the next two and a half years – with three different addresses all told because my mailbox number changed each year. Then I moved down the street (from 601 to 109) and lived in an apartment for a year. Not bad. When I moved back to Cleveland & my parents, they lived in Westlake instead of the Euclid homestead I grew up in.

This takes us to 2001, before I move to Raleigh. If you looked at my credit report or my moving history, you’d assume that I have 7 different addresses, since every time I changed mailboxes I changed address…but usually that’s not a bad thing if you look at it. So…off we go to check. There’s actually an extra variant for DellPlain, a variant for my parents’ Westlake address and one without my apartment number from senior year. Not bad… and when I first saw it I never bothered to worry – after all? what’s a gal supposed to do with that kind of information.

Then I move to Raleigh…and this is where things get tricky. One credt card loses the last two digits of my temporary mailing address (2 addresses). My first apartment ends up with four variants – one dropping my apartment number, one moving my apartment number & one using the management company’s address as mine. Annoying, but again…what do you do?

Now here’s the fun one: where I live now. When we first looked at the place, we knew we were in an odd situation – there were two street signs out front…one by the apartment management & one by the city. Neither, by the way, matches the map in my car OR mapquest OR yahoo! maps. Curious. I give the address for setting up electricity to one place and that’s not it. I give the electric company’s address to the phone company and that’s not it for them. To get things turned on, I apparently needed four variations of my address (one for the phone, the electricity, the gas & the cable). Ummm….okay. For mailing, because I’m lazy and this is how the mailboxes are done I always write “bldg#-apt#” StreetName without drive/lane/street whatever. Because nobody knew which it really was.

Then….I get on PaperBackSwap. See, they have to have a verified mailing address – which means the one the USPS considers right is the one that they need. If you give them the wrong variant, they say nope! and you start over. That’s when I found out I actually live at bldg# Street Name Lane, Apt #

Since then, I’ve been trying to clean things up. I put that variation on all of the registries. I gave that one to a recent credit application. I gave that one to my HR department & the Federal government for my taxes. I’ve gone through all my bills. Maybe I should double check my last credit report and see what it says. There were nine different variations of my address. Nine.

But they only screwed up my name once. That’ll change shortly, I’m sure.


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