Posted by: raesalley | February 14, 2006

I understand why theater leads to alcoholism

Last night, after a trying time of arguing with children about how they should behave…I came home and made myself my nightly cup of hot chocolate while I filed the report of the day. Then, I noticed something wierd. I used to occasionally spike my hot chocolate – either after a bad rehearsal or as a treat on a weekend. Now, I’ve started doing it as part of the process for making my hot chocolate. Put on the water, get out the shot glasses I use to measure, pour some godiva liquor into the shot, find the mix of the evening for the hot chocolate & combine elements into a large mug once the water boils. Usually, there’s a step that’s “turn on computer” in the middle of that so that it’s done booting up when I’m ready to deal with it.

I can see how easily putting a shot into my cocoa could become having a tumbler with some good scotch or a glass of wine. And while a single serving of alcohol a day isn’t bad…how long until it becomes two? or ten? Then again, usually this is held in check because if you’re drinking you can’t work as well, which means you make less money and therefore can’t spend as much on drinks. Makes sense.

But the stress is a killer man….and if it isn’t the stress (which, it isn’t right now) it’s the people you just want to smack if you can get the chance. No, you aren’t getting more songs because someone left the show. No, you need to stop saying “peaches” every thirty seconds and sing the words that are written. No, you can’t do that – go learn the dance. And for the hundredth time, you may not leave…stop asking.


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