Posted by: raesalley | February 17, 2006

Buzz Beans Friday

Seriously, this is me now: I’m a little wired. I didn’t get a lot of sleep for the second night in a row because I thought it would be fun (ha!) to go to the bar last night after rehearsal. Partially, because I wanted to see folks & partially because I’m…well…a regular. Sad, but true. I have a neighborhood bar now.I digress. On my way to rehearsal yesterday, I picked up coffee for myself and MsJ and a box of buzzbeans. I promptly forgot about said buzz beans because they were in my purse, I had fifteen mintues to figure out what I was doing and we were into rehearsal. I found them when I got to the bar & put my sunglasses away. I had a few then and left the rest in the purse.

Now, I just had them as a supplement to my breakfast (one chewy granola bar & coffee). I feel a little over-revved. So…after I expound ungodly amounts of wired-ness on som ACL stuff (done!) I might be able to fly through the rest of the day.


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