Posted by: raesalley | February 21, 2006

WW: Bards

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Bards 2/20/2006

What is one piece of bardic work that is meaningful to you, and what makes it so meaningful?

I have a natural bias that makes me think bard -> music, even though in theory….bardic talents could be poetry as well (that makes sense). (PS: Bard also is defined as to cover poultry, game or meat which may be deficient in fat, with thin strips of pork fat or green bacon before roasting or ornamental caparison for a horse) That being said…

I’m drawn to two random songs – Shriekback’s Hymn to the Local Gods (lyrics here) and Loreena McKennitt’s The Highwayman (lyrics) – which, oddly enough, is based on a poem by Alfred Noyes.

The first is just a commentary in my opinion. We’ve lost so much because we’re so sped up. It isn’t until you slow down and start thinking locally that you can feel you have an impact. There’s too much going on that we’re neglecting ourselves – both where we live directly & oursleves in our own homes. How much time do you spend trying to think about making the world a better place while ignorning the small changes you can make at home? Even something small can eventually add up.

The second is just a beautifully sad poem that is made even more so by her voice. I love listening to it, and yet, it’s so sad that I really can’t listen to it all the time.


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