Posted by: raesalley | February 23, 2006

I have two weeks…

and then, I have to have a frickin’ clue of what the hell to do for the party that should rock

However, it won’t happen just then – J is closing her baby that week and I….I have the last rehearsal before the fun that is tech happens. However…having looked at the schedule (and realizing we finish blocking this bad boy TOMORROW!) tech should be a piece of cake…three scenes, the only tricky things are going to be the practicals (two bedside tables with switch and a hanging one in the police station) and that damnable cyc. But I’ll be spending the day I get older having last run before tech starts while the other fish of the day will be going out with her entourage. I probably won’t even see her…which is cool – we’ll make up for it at some point after that. Probably involving a shitload of champagne and me finding somewhere to sleep other than the floor in front of the fireplace, the couch or the lowest bed in the world.

I think what scares me the most is I’ll be 28. Yep. 28. A number, when years ago and the bald one and I started thinking about progeny…that was the year we thought we might possibly head in that direction. So not ready for realizing that should be SOON. I t can’t be. I think we have to see Europe & New Zealand first. And some other stuff…like know we’ll be out of this evil state in less than five years. While it’s planned…it’s not definate.

So A&A? Can we look at Orestia in April instead of making me wait until August? So we can decide if we all really do like each other? So maybe…just maybe…I can plan on leaving the hell that is the day job in the next couple of years?

I work better with deadlines


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