Posted by: raesalley | February 24, 2006

Recent Tarot Reading

The Cards:

first possible outcome King of Swords: An active and determined person. Experience. Authority. Control. A professional person. Sometime proficient in his field. Highly analytical person. Superiority.A person having many ideas, thoughts, and designs. second possible outcome: The Sun: Satisfaction. Accomplishment. Contentment. Success. Favorable social relationships. Love. Joy. Devotion. Unselfish sentiment. Engagement. A happy marriage. Earthly happiness. The contentment derived from extending oneself toward another human being. A good friend. High spirits. Warmth. Sincerity. The rewards of a new friendship. Pleasure derived from simple things. Liberation.
Force drawing you towards the first possible outcome. Six of Wands (Victory): Conquest. Triumph. Good news. Gain. Advancement. Expectation. Desires realized. The results of effort. Force drawing you towards the second possible outcome: King of Pentacles: An experienced and successful leader. A person of character and intelligence. Business acumen. Mathematical ability. Loyal friend. Reliable marriage partner. Successful businessperson. Wise investments. Ability to acquire money and valuable possessions.
the critical factor that decides what will come to pass Six of Pentacles (Success): Generosity. Philanthropy. Charity. Kindness. Gratification. Gifts. Material gain.

Here’s my interpretation….

My current situation (stay) is dependent on what the heck is going on at work. There are two things that would convince me to out & out stay – a new boss who values me and wants my job position to change and become more of a data analyst type role ~or~ the data analyst position controlling the content for the Center’s databases. Stay, being the first choice, is the left column – King of Swords (outcome) & Six of Wands (force drawing towards outcome). This tells me that I’ll end up staying only if there was a highly qualified individual above me that manages to jockey me into something I would like to be doing instead of (while I do enjoy it) dealing with the day to day crap of the administrative side of the library. (Ideally, they’d bring back the job I had here as admin asst to the library doing just the journals, shelf reading, and labeling and slide me over to data analyst….within the library). What will get me there is through effort of my own & expectations (that I’m one of two people currently on staff able to do this job) I’ll be pulled into a project I desperately want to work on (the CRM) which is going to actually happen.

Now, what could entice me to go or to seriously look? It would have to be a local theater position where I’d be working full time at close to the level I am now in salary so that I could continue the status quo…but allow me to actually work on an arts schedule. This would mean (likely) that my day would start around 10a and end at 10p, but there would be nice healthy two-four hour break in the middle there. I’d do managing type stuff like balancing budgets, making phone calls, dealing with publicity and the day-to-day operations and handling of a theater company ~while~ working on the actual productions as a stage manager. Eventually (like in five-ten years), I’d stop SMing and become a full time Managing Director or Production Manager.

Look would be the right column: The Sun (outcome) & King of Pentacles (force drawing towards outcome). What this tells me is that if I seriously look / leave that I’ll get all kinds of very cool stuff – happiness with where I’m going, a much happier and more satisfying relationship with the Bald One, happier friendships with those I wish, personal satisfaction from a job well done and enjoying the simple things in life again instead of taking them for granted because I no longer have the time to even notice their existence. I’ll get there because of another individual with amazing abilities at reading people & managing the financial details (either through resourcefulness or raising fundage). The ald One will actually be a large part of it – probably because he’s my house husband right now – when I go into show mode, he makes sure that all those little things get done: groceries, house keeping, taking care of the fur-kids, laundry, etc. This tells me that in all likelihood, I’m coming close to a point with a production company I’m seriously looking at will say “we want you – we can’t have you FT yet, but know that the second we do, you’re our first choice. But, because of that, you’re to be ours from here on out for SM work” – and that’s a likely possibility at this time. We’re going to be having some serious talks come April about this production coming up in August.

Finally….what will make the decision for me: Six of Pentacles (Success). I have a feeling that some how I’ll come to realize a large piece of my life will be sucked from me for a period of time (generosity/charity) but it will be giving me HUGE gratification and gifts…while actually paying off in some fashion, probably in the form of a better living condition of some sort or another.

So, what’s this all really mean?
I have a feeling I’ll know soon enough. Oddly enough six weeks puts me smack in the middle of April…a week before the 14th. Six & fourteen show up twice in the cards, which is just odd, IMO. I have a feeling, given how things are going at work + the possibilities of what’s going on in the theater world for me + my life = April might mean something happening seriously. I don’t think it will be a cataclysmic change, BUT…I have a feeling I’ll know one way or another which basket to start putting eggs in. April is the time where we start looking at personal objectives at work, we might (might) have a new director in the library, the CFM is highly likely to start showing up and needing direction at that time. I’ll be amazingly, oddly open in a way I haven’t been in about three years as far as theater schedule goes…but…most of that is due to the life-status changing event of getting legally married and the festivities surrounding it. But it’s also April, a time of renewal, of planting the seeds of change. It’s going to be a very interesting year.


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