Posted by: raesalley | March 1, 2006

let the stupidity begin!

I usually don’t involve myself in people’s personal lives unless there are two conditions met – I really care about them or I’m directly asked. That being said, after this post, I’m not involving myself no matter what in one life…unless said stupid little chit does something to affect someone outside of herself and the individual she is involved with.

For those of you who have a short term memory or just don’t bloody care, a friend of D’s from the bar (said Stupid Chit) had a devastating break up a long while back. After coming out of that self-induced coma, she looked around and spied our fave Hippie (not the loved hippie couple S&M…but the guy who truly should have lived in the 60s…wants to move to Asheville, probably live in a commune and talk about music while making a living rubbing folks down. But he does have good hands…). After much alcohol was consumed & jello was wrestled in, the two of them knocked a toilet out of whack after kicking D a few times on the couch. This was dating round one. Some point after this started was Stoneleaf, where Hippie went to check out Asheville while S&M were visiting the city & D was visiting me & we were sight-seeing in between getting tattoos & running Silver River. We were pretty sure that the thing between Stupid Chit & Hippie would be short lived because…well…she was in rebound and he wanted to leave town.

We weren’t too wrong. It was obvious to all observing and being amused that Hippie wanted out, but is too nice of a guy to actually say a damn thing. Instead, he waits until a few months go by while he’s debating it (to folks such as myself) and then meets my dear little Kitty over some delish waffles. The two of them, being of similar mindsets, have a fantastic conversation while everyone else is gone – Stupid Chit is at rehearsal, others are napping at their homes in preparation for the party that night or getting the party set up while I’m in another room attempting to nap because Kitty & I have a show to run before we can get too much alcohol and the best hot dog I’ve ever had. (which reminds me….I’m wearing he of the fantastic push-ups’ tie today!) At said party, Hippie continues talking on various levels of intensity with Kitty. Kitty & I, during the show, had discussed Hippie and I had cautioned her that while it seemed like he was on his way out of that relationship, he hadn’t actually bothered to inform Stupid Chit of this. She needed to be careful, because Stupid Chit was an actress, young and emotionally mature as a turnip…last thing Kitty probably needed is to deal with that mess – especially under J’s roof. Hippie, in his not really thinking clearly self asks D to “keep an eye on him” at the party. Because, he’s apparently afraid of what he might do with Kitty if given the opportunity. Or because we all know Stupid Chit and she might find out from one of us that he was talking with her. Or something. NOTHING HAPPENS. I’m not sure I made that clear enough nothing happened. They talk, extensively. And since I was already keeping an eye on Kitty (because I don’t want her to get hurt or to create problems in that house).

Hippie breaks it off with Stupid Chit just a few days later. Then next day, he calls Kitty. Kitty, being young, lies to her housemates about what’s going on because she doesn’t want their disapproval. Eventually, she comes clean there…but it’s okay after long discussion. I yell at her for being young and not thinking thoroughly. J does something similar. Kitty learns. No harm done. Stupid Chit finds out some how and gets all miffed…but tells Kitty that she doesn’t hold her responsible for Hippie being a boy. Hippie and Stupid Chit start dating again, take two. This time, she ends it not much longer (like, four months or less) because she shows a brief glimpse of maturity and realizes that he wants one thing (move to Asheville, massotherapy….) and she wants another (to be an actress…) and that they aren’t really compatible. Again, most of us find out not because she bothers to tell us but because she posts in myspace (how D found out) or livejournal. But a good step. This time, since she ended it and for normal…sane…reasons, we think it might stick.


I have a moment of ADD and I spend it hunting through the LJ friends pages of my friends. Work is non-motivating despite my new cool toy (a new database!) due to a lack of boss, a lack of adequate recompense for work done, a lack of drive from other people in this place to actually do their damn job…and so I end up looking at LJ pages. And find this entry which I have a moment of insanity to respond to. We get into a discussion, and then…I get to see her at the bar. Minutes after I find out that she (after having a moment of health horror followed by sympathy from the Hippie) & the Hippie are back together. No big deal, but you’ll notice that the thread ends with me saying we should move it off to email…followed by no response as far as I know. Because she fails to respond to the thread in a way that I’ll get her “you know my email address” way. Um, for the record, I don’t. D might…but I don’t.

So, they got sorta back together around Valentine’s Day (found on her myspace via d), where she bitches that concern is appreciated but not needed. First off, flag on the play – saying something like that is like waving a red flag to the gossips. Stupid Chit. They come to the bar, where J has the great line of “whatever are you together or not – congrats or my condolences…I’ve given up keeping track” while I try not to giggle to hard. Then, see….she makes a point not to talk to me because we’ve been posting at each other very recently. Since I don’t talk to her, but Hippie comes over to speak to me. I didn’t bring it up. I didn’t ask. Nothing. But, he directly asks me for my opinion.

Get that? I was asked…by a friend of mine…for my opinion. When I’m point blank asked…I answer. And, with someone like Hippie, because we’ve had a few discussions on the issue and he doesn’t seem to mind, I don’t pull punches. Now, whether or not Hippie talked with Stupid Chit about my opinion is his business. But when asked, I gave my opinion.

For some reason, I added Stupid Chit to my friends on LJ. Probably because I was tired of getting the news a day late via D (but that’s our schedule…we’re always a bit behind. It took me until yesterday to tell him my mom broke her arm). But anywho…after posting last night’s rehearsal report I went trolling to see if my friends had any news or such that I wanted to know about…since I got done a half hour early. 🙂

And what to I find? this.

With a lead in like that, I can’t really NOT comment. So I do. I do manage to show some restraint and not let full out…but…I’m not as good as D. His comment, when you know him, is actually a better smack in the face. Mine…well, it’s in terms she might actually understand. And then…I get an email saying she replied. I’ve discovered she really has no clue how not to be “so high school” like she thinks she is.

Gods Above, was I ever this insane at 22?


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