Posted by: raesalley | March 17, 2006

Reviews coming in!

Ah…press moment!

The News & Observer has put up online the review of Fall to Earth. I’ve avoided putting anything really of interest about the play in here because…well…the review actually says it better than I could:
Watching this play unfold is like eating an oversized sandwich. The main ingredients are obvious; you’ve tasted them all before. But as you proceed, bits of food and sauces ooze out the sides, and you realize there’s more inside than you’d expected. In fact, the contents aren’t what you’d thought. It’s somebody else’s order entirely.

The first night, preview sans the possibility of a reviewer, we discovered we were…well, doing something a bit of a comedy. Until the very first ooze happens and then we lost some people. Case in point is the pair of couples who were on an outing for the first time since one of the men was diagnosed and began treatment for cancer. They were hoping for a comedy, something fun. I guess the bright colors on our postcard drew them in. And while this play has several hilarious moments (bra-sniffing aside) this doesn’t mean that it’s a comedy. Every time you’re given permission to laugh, you wonder if you really can…then you start to enjoy it…then, we’re smacked with that random bit that reminds you why you’re really here – up until the very end.

I can’t tell you how many women have walked out nodding their heads though, in agreement with the mother/daughter relationship – they’ve seen a facet of themselves that they’re not quite sure they wanted to see.

Should be fun to see how the rest of the run goes


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