Posted by: raesalley | March 17, 2006

Witch Work: Week of March 12 ~Plan Ostara Ritual~

It can be complicated, or it can be simple. If you are pressed for time, take 5 or 10 minutes a few days a week to construct one, and wake up 1/2 an hour earlier on Ostara to do it. Make the time to do this, it will put you in a wonderful frame of mind for the coming spring and get your inner seeds ready to sprout and bloom.

It can be as simple as planting what you want manifested in the next months in a flowerpot (see Liz’s post about her Ostara ritual), or just lighting a candle charged with what your intentions are and letting it burn down. (Remember if you are letting it burn down, put it in the bathtub or sink if it is to be left unattended!~Smokey the Bear)

Tonight, I’m going to buy a new broom. It’s when I should, from what I understand…and our broom needs to be replaced. From there, I’m going to put it on my altar while I finish cleaning the rest of our home quick like bunny and finish off with a blessing for the spring. Then I’ll leave the first offering (ribbon, some mini eggs, and a flower). Close the baby, and have a good night.


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