Posted by: raesalley | April 16, 2006

where does the time go?

It’s been almost a month since I’ve actually written in here anything of importance. How is it that when you’re busy living your life you don’t get a chance to reflect on it?

I’ve been busy. Yep. Busy doing almost nothing…or so it seems. Fall to Earth closed well – selling out Friday & Saturday night of closing weekend and then having a successful strike following the Sunday night show. And with that fantastic move…I was done with theater (officially) until August, when supposedly Orestia would pick up. Little did I know we’d start workshopping that bad boy in May. Not that this is a bad thing…just…wow. Busy. But going to a meeting every week and discussing words isn’t bad or stressful…which is what I need while working out other things.

Like that event coming up in less than a month. Oh yeah. That. It’s just a minor thing…or was. Until we mentioned it to anybody. Then it became an event. And no matter how hard I try to keep it from becoming an event…it’s just not worth the hassle anymore. I’ll eventually get my way anyway, but it’ll be because i’m taking a laidback-ish approach and not going completely spastic with worry or thought. My mom asked me about flowers today. I told her I’ll know something in a few weeks about flowers. When she pointed out I’d need them in a few weeks I told her that I was aware of that fact. I don’t want something fussy, and our pictures are going to be in a garden…do I really need more flowers? Eh. But our rings should be delivered soon, so another thing done.

Then there’s the job-front. After having a mini-crisis when my non-profit cushy job decided to behave like a corporate hack-n-slash by firing a guy who could actually do his job but didn’t quite behave the perfect yes-man…I started re-evaluating my position there. And I realized that they (while paying quite excellently for me to do stuff) aren’t really paying me enough compared to others (pay grade) and aren’t really recognizing my abilities. Not to mention, we had to reopen the search for my boss. Don’t ask, it’s a long boring thing that doesn’t even interest people who work there. Who knew that when my boss gave her two month notice we’d still be looking for her replacement four months after she left. And it’s not that we aren’t plugging along just fine without a boss…but the rest of us in the unit would like to go back to just doing our job and not dealing with some of the silly stuff that managers get to have fun with. Like setting budgets, planning out resource purchases, talking to venders and the like. But because of all this…I’m in a holding pattern of sorts. Ga-duh.

But it’s April. And oddly enough…something weird happened. A project that’s been on hold for a while has a kick-off meeting this week. I’m playing softball on the company’s team. D & I have settled into an odd rhythm involving all kinds of facets of stuff that just really clicked of late. We’ve looked around our home and been happy. And even stranger yet…we’ve looked around and started to debate whether or not we’d really want to leave. Us…two people who’ve talked about leaving since we got here…are now considering staying. Does this mean some odd things – like will I ever work FT in theater or he’ll go back to teaching? who knows…but we’ll cross that when it comes to us. Right now, we have to get through the next three months. Then we’ll see.


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