Posted by: raesalley | April 26, 2006

WW: So you’re a pagan?

Courtesy of Witches Weekly

So you’re a pagan? 4/17/2006

The senior druid for my Grove has spoken about doing a workshop before. And the way she had started discussion was by asking this one question for people to answer, which I thought was amusing and wanted to use for this weeks question:

So you’re a pagan? Why?

Because it fit. Lame answer…but I’ve been stewing over this for several days and that’s the best that I’ve come up with.

I was raised Roman Catholic (RC in the hiz-ouse) and it just didn’t really work. While I have a fairly good imagination, some of the things going on, I just could not really accept. Women should be subservient to men was a big one that stuck in my craw. Just because I don’t have a dumbstick doesn’t mean that I am not a human being. I’m just as capable, if not more so in some cases, in earning a living, balancing the check book, and running a house hold. Why should I be barefoot and pregnant just because church leaders are all male? And for the love of little green apples when God said “Go forth and multiply” I doubt that he meant that we should do it to excess and stress the larger creation (our planet) and destroy other living things. But then again, He gave us might over animals, so whoop-dee-doo.

Catholics, btw, have little saints for everything. These guys & gals were once just like you and me…except that they did a ton of kick-ass stuff while down here and a bunch of people decided that they must be cooler than the average human and cannonized them. These saints, based on their everyday stuff, became associated with a trait – such as finding lost items or pickpockets (St. Albert). Now…someone explain to me how having a human being elevated and made responsible is different than suggesting someone started out as a demi-god responsible for something?

Look at Persephone. She was a demi-god, who was kidnapped and ate some pomegranate seeds. Because of that, she’s now the goddess of the Spring and Queen of the Dead. Kickin’ title, eh?

I digress.

I started looking around at different religions. I liked the idea that gods were fallible. I believe that while humanity is here, we should be taking care of the world we live in. I don’t think that we have the divine right to go off and kill each other, the earth, or cute furry animals. I read a lot of books. I like the idea that the world time is a wheel that begins anew constantly, and that everything cycles – whether in a day, an hour, or a decade. So…after a lot of searching, I labeled myself a pagan.

I still don’t have a patron, per se. However, I have a strong affinity for the moon. I’ve been looking into it quite a bit as my life allows and I have yet to find a label. It could be there is none. It could just be I’m a crazy goddess-worshipper dancing in the fields. I’ve realized that I do my worship in small simple ways. And to that end, I started looking at kitchen magics…and adopted the label of being a kitchen witch. So that’s why I’m a pagan – it fit


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