Posted by: raesalley | May 11, 2006

it’s official and stuff

what everyone wants to see

Stories from the day:
~ First moment of panic goes to my parents who called to say their flight was canceled. Yes, they managed to get on a later flight and all was okay…but it was a little scary.
~ S (MoH) & I were a bit late for our hair appointments. But, no worries. We got done with no problems – me in 20 minutes, her in two hours.
~ D’s parents blew a tire…an hour away from Raleigh. However, it got fixed with no problems and they were on their way again soon enough.
~ L, my photographer, rocked. Very unobtrusive during the whole prepping/bride getting ready phase. Very cool overall.
~ My dad is easily amused. S & I were walking to the courthouse arm & arm and we passed a few people who looked confused (how often does a person get married on a Tuesday?). Someone asked him if we were getting married. All he answered was yes…and confused the heck out of them.
~ Everyone set off the metal detectors. However, L was not allowed to get a photo of me being wanded. I was grateful & amused.
~ When we got off the elevator the woman who was waiting for one just pointed to her left and said “Weddings, that way.” We were married in the room for “Small Claims, Worthless Checks”
~ We almost (ha!) didn’t get married. The magistrate asked if there was a legal reason we couldn’t be married. I said that I couldn’t think of one. My mother, being the person she is, chimed up from the back that he hadn’t learned to play pinochle yet. Upon hearing this, the magistrate goes “what? he can’t play pinochle? that’s it…” and pretends to start cleaning up to leave. He was a good joker through the beginning paperwork stuff.
~ Pictures were easy. Except the ground was kinda squishy. As a result, both S & my mother ended up with slightly muddy damp feet because they took off their shoes. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out
~ Dinner was fabulous. We were done really early with photos and they let us get started early at dinner. Most excellent props to them.
~ The gifts from the parents fall under the theme “romantic interludes to get us grand children” – not that anyone is rushing us. But now we can have a picnic in the park with wine & cheese and good times followed by candlelight & champagne in its own coaster.

Now the announcements have been mailed, emailed and posted. On to the beach party followed by the back yard reception and then we’re DONE with the wedding. 🙂 Next is plotting the honeymoon. I’m now accepting opinions of Mediterranean vs. Australia.


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