Posted by: raesalley | May 16, 2006

tasks a plenty

today we got the email from HR reminding us to list our accomplishments for the fiscal year for our review. Those are due to our supervisor by 5/31. No biggie…our old boss had us type up these review sheets so that we could document everything that we did towards our objectives. Since I’m a lazy wench and 90% of the stuff I do I filter through email, I started dropping everything that was “done” into a folder which I’d clean out when I had to type up my monthly check-in for how I was doing.

When my boss started to check out of the job back in October because she was moving to SC, we stopped having monthly meetings. (Mind you, that’s not that she stopped doing her job…it just got bounced to the bottom of the food chain…compared to getting things set up for us to be on our own for a few months and transferring all contacts as appropriate to various staff…) And because we weren’t really his direct reports, our SVP wasn’t checking us on those other than to say “are you ladies okay, is there anything I need to do for you?” Not to mention, he’s a little busy first getting the South & Southeastern offices open (1/3) and now working to get the Charlotte office open (October-ish of this year, methinks).

When the email went out today, I figured I should dust that document off and update it. Out of three objectives, one was very easy – for development, I’ve gone to a conference and taken a class. The first one (the admin part of my job) was also fairly easy and didn’t involve to many hard tasks – training someone to do my job, answering ILL requests, and a bunch of internal article requests. There were a few other things, but I haven’t found them in my folder of fun yet…plus, they’re undocumented mostly because they’re things like the fact I’m fastest on the phone draw so I usually get to filter the folks who are asking about school video loans and telling them how to do that to things like seeing people walk in the door and giving them the five minute walk through of the library and explaining what cool toys we have. I’ve gotten really good at spotting who’s a browser, who’s a browser who needs direction and who actually needs to be paired up with a researcher.

It’s the last part of my job that is causing the holy heck moment. About a year and a half ago, when my boss lobbied that I would be the caretaker for the company database, we figured it would be about 10hours/week of my time. Not that much of a committment, especially since I could do the job I was supposed to be doing I could do in about three quarters of the time I should. I started doing the care & feeding of the database. Now, with the new structure which makes it easier to answer questions we ask it…we realize we can ask more questions. And I’m spending more time doing the database…and still not feeling caught up. I didn’t quite realize how much I was doing until I started listing everything I was doing for the database today. I’m at thirteen bullet points for the seven month period of October to May…and I’m only through the first two months in my folder. And that’s not including the day-to-day stuff like entering new companies and telling people what they needed to do to list a company or edit their record. It’s zany.

I wonder if this will help folks realize that I should be doing that FT.


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