Posted by: raesalley | May 17, 2006

cut me a break…I’m new to this whole thing…

Just when I thought I was coping with the whole ‘married’ thing…I discover a few slip-ups still exist for me.

My SVP questioned me on it a bit, during an interview for our new director-type. Just a polite “how’s it going” kinda thing…which I’ve gotten from a few folks, but it’s always something I shrug off. After all, we’ve been together for 4+ years…been living together for three and a half before we got hitched…it’s about the same, folks.

Then I’m in a meeting and have to introduce myself to several people. No big deal…until I stutter on my last name. Fudge. But, I recovered and went on. Throughout the demo I take notes, ask questions…and have to have a follow-up session with one of the guys to discuss how the new software would do what we’re already doing things. And people come by after they’re done discussing other elements and it’s revealed my recently wedded state. And they confess they caught me stuttering. So much for my cool factor.

Later on, I’m completing my “good wife” mission of getting cigarettes for my hubby who’s stuck at work and seeing him for a few minutes (he was asleep when I went to work, it’s likely I’ll be asleep when he gets home). I parked at Cook-out and walk next door to the Shell where D usually gets his nic-fix. When walking out, there was a gentleman walking in about the same time. I saw him just a few minutes later when he pulled up next to me while I was getting in line for a milkshake. He asked for my name, then my number. I told him “sorry, I’m married” and he said “don’t be sorry, that means you’ve got someone takin’ care of you” Nice way to think about it.


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