Posted by: raesalley | May 20, 2006

blogthing: ideal pet

Your Ideal Pet is a Cat

You’re both aloof, introverted, and moody.
And your friends secretly wish that you were declawed!

What’s Your Ideal Pet?

well, yeah. Anyone surprised by that?

Case in point. Someone at work finally pissed me off enough I let her have it. I work in conjunction with the E&T folks to do this fairly fun training program at the community college level. E&T handles the book orders (well, since they wrote the program with help) and I handle the AV end. When I first started five years ago, the E&T person would come over to my office, get the videos, find a box, and then ship them somewhere else. Then I asked if it would be easier if I did it. SURE. So I started doing it about four years ago. Between four years and one year ago we went from shipping the videos in a box whenever they ordered the books to shipping them in a box according to their class schedule (which took a ton of work to get…the teachers didn’t get why we wanted them) to shipping them in a nifty bag that was obviously ours according to a class schedule (still prying out by force) to shipping in a box to protect the videos in a bag by class schedule (getting a little easier) to now shipping in the box in the bag according to a form. We designed the form to ask very very easy questions – when are you starting each unit, who are you, where are you, and you know that these videos cost a lot of money, right? Most teachers have no problem with the form because unlike the class schedule, they can just make up dates and I don’t care. It says on the form if they get the form to us in the proper amount of time we’ll send the videos at least a week, preferably two, ahead of when they need them. The E&T coordinator sent out a big email explaining this.

One teacher (the Ditz) has yet to be able to handle this simple task. She can’t even order her books in time and every semester there’s a rush job attached. So here it is, the week before I’m going to a conference that requires a bit of work ahead of time for me…and the E&T chick gets an email from TD asking “can I have the videos Thursday?” – it was sent on Tuesday, without either a class schedule (so we can fill out the form for her) or form itself. Nothing. No reason to think we needed to give her the videos. After a bit of hurried emailing, we discover that she did, in fact, want them Thursday 5/18. Well, we’re finding this out on Friday 5/19. Not good. I send strongly worded missive about how I will be able to do this (it takes me maybe ten minutes to put a packet together) but I’m irritated because she didn’t file the paperwork and really this is the third time where she’s pulled this shit. It contains all the punches and all the irritation I’ve felt with this woman and I CC’d the E&T chick and TD’s boss. So far, no fall-out…but that doesn’t mean that somebody won’t complain. Luckily, I have the right on my side as well as a bunch of documentation…but really….come the frick on.

My fellow library folk told me it was nice working with me. And that I really should be more careful with how I say things. Hence, the claws


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