Posted by: raesalley | June 19, 2006

home again, home again…

jiggity jig…

The bald one & I returned home yesterday, late afternoon, to a slightly stuffy feeling house and four starving cats. The Kitten was sweet enough to help us unload our overpacked vehicle in return for water, which we gratefully supplied. After bringing everything in and saying goodbye…D & I kinda looked at each other, the mess of stuff, and collapsed in different ways. He grabbed a book he didn’t have with him (and had finished everything else) and I plugged back into the world online. There was a lot of stuff to go through in three email accounts…and not all of it junk.

Four hours later I came up for air after having gone through all the junk that came in over the week, responding to what had to be responded to and flagging for today what could be ignored. I looked around & D (fabulous man) had put away the food, started the laundry and unpacked everything that could be unpacked and put away. All that’s left for me to do is figure out where to put our new crystal (wedding present from my aunt, uncle & cousins) and help restore the apartment to our standard of living. We decided that could wait until later this week and called it a night at that point.

So I guess you’d like to know what happened in the past week? I got a slight sunburn on my arm, darker skin, lighter hair and some pictures of lighthouses. More details are beneath the cut
Sunday was a great drive down. We had beautiful weather, a good time with music and I finished a book on the drive down. Of course, because it was such a gorgeous day we had the windows down…and got the aforementioned sunburn. Once we got there, we found the place, met up with my parents and went to dinner. The evening ended discovering that you really shouldn’t put six people in a four person hot tub. You lose a lot of water that way. The next day was a typical Z-family beach vacation day – get up, eat breakfast, go to the beach & play in the water, layout for a bit to dry off before showering & eating lunch…then off to some touristy moment. The touristy moment there was Ocracoke Island. We grabbed dinner there and then headed back in the rain to watch hockey.

Tuesday morning I woke up to my parents already up and running off to climb the steps at Hatteras. They were back just as everyone else was waking up and we were debating what to do. They had lunch with us before leaving for DC. W-Bird (my SIL) looked at the Bald One and said “beer thirty?” to which he responded “champagne first & the hot tub?” So we spent most of the afternoon sitting in the hot tub, talking & drinking while listening to a stereo and watching World Cup soccer through the window. That’s how vacation should be, right?

Wednesday morning we went with the kids to Hatteras. Because of Alberto bearing down on the Carolinas, the observatory deck was closed, so D & I decided to come back later when the climb would be worth it. The kids left and D & I bounced around the little touristy shops. We left with a new hat for me, hot sauce for D, and funny tshirts that aren’t too touristy. Our friend Hippie (remember him? no more ditz in his life!) showed up that evening and more hockey was watched.

Thursday…a lot like Monday – beach followed by hanging around followed by dinner followed by the beginning of destroying my liver. Nicoli showed up that day and brought with him copious amounts of alcohol. We talked forever on the porch and drank much. The whiskey bottle was half-empty the next morning. The rum was doing better than the whiskey bottle, but not by much. And for the record, a double strength LIIT really can knock you out when your liver isn’t in shape.

Friday was quite low-key. D & I climbed the way-too-many stairs to the top of Hatteras. Hippie left us to drive to the mountains (complete with shell & sand from the ocean) and we quietly hung out the rest of the evening. This was the day where we figured folks would start showing up. Except… life got in the way (shows, jobs, hurricanes causing overwork, the fact that it would require too much to get to someplace four hours from airports). Whatever the case…some folks we know about ahead of time, other folks we didn’t know about until we were out there. We decided we didn’t care too much about it, as all it meant was better relaxation and more alcohol for us. The evening ended well though – we fired up the grill and had kielbasa & s’mores.

Saturday was just quiet. Nicoli took some pictures of us that we might be blowing up for our photos. He’s going to burn them and drop them on to a CD for us…so I’ll share those when I get them. We ended up sitting on the deck, reading and playing guitar and drinking at two in the afternoon as the Kitten shows up. I bear hug her and we spend the rest of the evening talking and drinking and partying on the beach and having a pretty kick-ass evening.

It all ended Sunday morning with us having waffles for breakfast before checking out and driving to Bodie and home. When we left Bodie, we had a stow-away…a rather large member of the locust family. We had to pull off on the side of the road and chase it out because it kept scaring me. Pesky bug.

That’s it though…nice vacation


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