Posted by: raesalley | June 22, 2006

Where I’m from…

Thanks Gypsy

I am from challah, from the Plain Dealer and evening walks.

I am from the hills named for the peoples who once lived there with cliffs of shale.

I am from indian paint brushes, the roses climbing tall.

I am from Christmas eve dinner and mass, from Josephs and Sophies and Sachiko.

I am from bluffing in pinochle games and traveling the world

From taking pictures with your memory and setting a river on fire.

I am from Roman Catholic tendencies, only to realize that means that I am not a human being and rebelling against that.

I’m from small countries in the mountains just a few generations ago, potica and kielbasa.

From walking to get a petition against flouride, the hats copied from styles of Paris, and the dinner with a national treasure.

I am from I am from sunsets on the Metroparks, fairie’s nets in the woods, piano lessons and parties…to leave everything behind and be new.


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