Posted by: raesalley | June 24, 2006

Witches Weekly: Pagans on TV

Witches Weekly can be found here

Pagans on tv June 23, 2006
If you were given the opportunity to talk about witchcraft and paganism to the local community via television, what would you want to say? What sort of topics would you feel were important to pinpoint to non-pagans?

The problem is living where I am, I’d be doing very basic education. It’s sometimes a struggle when the first conversation is asking if I practice sacrifice – babies, cute animals or the like. I don’t know what kind of speech I would make or kind of questions I’d take…but it would sound very much like a Witches 101 course. No, I didn’t go to school with Harry Potter. Yes, I like the earth. No I don’t practice skyclad. And so forth.

I’d probably also explain the “why” I am a practicing wiccan. How it fits me better than anything else and how it’s not a rebellion against Catholicism or some domineering male…but that it fits me and my beliefs.


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