Posted by: raesalley | August 25, 2006

WW: Ritual Planning

Witches Weekly can be found at its new home if you’d like to play along…

Ritual Planning August 21st 2006 (yes, I’m behind!)

What method do you use to plan through rituals or spellwork? (such as a ritual outline, etc) Give a brief rundown of how a particular ritual for you goes.

I’m supposed to plan them? I have yet to plan anything terribly difficult, probably because while I’m a practicing witch, I’m about as practicing as a dilettante. This doesn’t mean I’m not thorough or interested…there’s just usually no real significant planning involved. I look at the calendar and go “I need to do something!” and remember to set some time aside so that I can celebrate appropriately. Most of my rituals have been jammed in between work and a production call, between getting the home ready for guests and guests arriving, or just the simple act of getting myself ready to celebrate (Samhain, for example) becomes the ritualized part of the celebration. I’m very much a kitchen witch…with no actual time to cook. However, if you’re ever invited to our place and I’m cooking, make an effort to show up – while I’m not the trained chefs of our friends, I’m a pretty good hand at what I will cook for guests. And the meal is usually an event in itself.

I’m aiming to change though….Fall Equinox is coming, a chance to reap what I’ve sown this past year and start plans for the new year before it starts to turn…


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