Posted by: raesalley | August 31, 2006

WW: Sacrifices

Sacrifices August 31st 2006

How do you feel about animal or blood sacrifices? In terms I’m speaking about using your own blood as a sacred object during a spiritual working, and using all parts of an animal (hunting deer for meat/pelts) rather than solely for ritual sacrifice. Though if you want to speak about plain animal sacrifice, by all means

Honestly, I get a little sick about blood. And entrails. And goo in general. I don’t hunt, but I don’t bitch out people who do. I have a gift from a friend for the use of books of a deer & rabbit fur pouch, which I used for quite some time to hold my tarot cards…until the cats wanted to play with it too often.

It would have to be something major-work level for me to use my own blood. I stopped cutting myself a while back and I don’t want to return to that…even if for higher purposes.


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