Posted by: raesalley | September 6, 2006

well, they’re both blue

I shouldn’t complain. But I’m amused.

I recently placed an order with Vicky’s online because I didn’t feel like going into a store in my limited time to buy underwear. Not to mention the fact that I really didn’t feel like dealing with all the tweens that would undoubtedly be hanging out in my favorite mall en masse because school is now back in session. So online I go.

Now mind you, I’m not completely insane, but occasionally I like to buy things that match. Just every once in a while. And not have to match-match (like same exact color and pattern) but sorta-match. So I was a little shocked when I opened my first of two packages from Vicky’s with what should have been (and were, according to the packing slip) two different blues.

Turns out someone bagged a beautiful deep blue Ipex ($50) bra in a bag for a cotton bra of a lighter blue with a smaller band size. I debated being good and returning it immediately, after all, it was the wrong size from what I ordered – but like shoes, sizes change by cut and style…so maybe I’d just try it on for size.

Now I know why they’re charging $50 for a bra. And it’s worth it. And it’s not going back. 😛


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