Posted by: raesalley | September 17, 2006

I…have a reputation?

Apparently I do.

Tonight was closing night. After a wonderful, many times sold out four week run Deep Dish’s production of Orson’s Shadow had its final performance tonight. While there are a few matters to be dealt with before the show is officially put to bed, the hard parts are over. I get my weekends back* and many of us are enjoying a two week (or longer!) break while one poor sap is going headlong into something new.

the Dish has a tradition of doing something for cast & crew on closing night, and this was no exception. We had a loverly little reception at Spice Street (wine! pizza! desserty things with berries!) and a room to ourselves to talk, laugh and be merry. There were a few individuals that were loosely involved (friends, board, what-have-you) who were there and introductions were required. A gentleman who knew several folks on sight and had exchanged pleasantries with was there and eventually goes “hi, I’m xxxx” to which I respond with just my first name. He prompts for more and I use my maiden/theatrical name (with a pause, for which I get teased). He goes on to gush how “oh, you’re that Rae…” and proceeds to tell me about this woman who I canNOT place is just gushing about me over at Temple. I’ve never worked at Temple. Not because I don’t want to, I just haven’t gotten there yet. When I can’t place her name, he proceeds to talk about a few other folks who I know by name or sight (but not both) and how he’s heard so many good things about me.

Frankly, I’m astounded and flattered. I didn’t know people knew who I was outside of the people I was working with right then.

Then, the set designer, as I’m leaving makes me turn a few shades of blush. He tells me that when he first met me he thought I was such an officious, pretentious bitch. And as it went on, he became more and more impressed with the quality of work I turned out, the professional reports I turned out nightly, my level of communication. My reports are being saved to disk and archived with the show for him. I’m honored.

So there’s good things out there about me that I didn’t even know were out there.


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