Posted by: raesalley | September 21, 2006

Thursday 13: in my to-do file.

Similar to the stack of books I have yet to read, I have a stack of projects that have been waiting not-so-patiently for me to have time to deal with them. Some of them are easy and why-the-heck am I delaying on them, others are huge projects that I’ve barely even glanced at. but they’re out there. And they’re waiting for me.
13 things projects to tackle

1. The Wedding Album The most recent add to the pile, but the most complicated. You convince both the Bald One and I to sit down and work on it at the same time. See how far you get. It took two months for us to figure out what photos to order from our photographer. Course, she made it hard because she does fantastic work

2. Repairs pile We’re not hard on clothes, but even such sweet people as ourselves will occasionally do some damage. D loses buttons, I kill seams (poorly made and don’t like me actually using my pockets), buttons and whatever because I don’t buy top of the line clothes but wear them like I do. Sigh

3. Curtains This has been an ongoing joke in our household. We have these skinny (~3′) windows that go from just above floor to just out of reach into our front room. This used to be our living room, but switched out when we got our sound system and needed something a little more square. But we still wanted something other than the window coverings that were there. So I debated finding some flimsy material that would allow light in but not really allow a good look at what’s going on. A friend of a friend had a material stash which I was allowed to steal from. I then made one curtain. We’ve had one curtain for probably eighteen months or so. I need to finish this. Really. Before we debate moving.

4. little purse I bought a pattern for cute little bags. I started cutting out material to make one. I have it all cut up, I just need to put it together. Right?

5. ‘Happiness’ it’s a kanji that I’ve been working on for quite some time in crossstitch, I need to finish it so I can start working on something else fun.

6. Velvet bodice It’s a decorative bodice, not really functional. But I should finish it. Maybe before halloween so I can wear it? Hm.

7. College Album I started working on this before my friends L&A got married. They have a munchkin who will be two in November. Not a good sign.

8. Tape to CD conversion I have a bunch of tapes that I want to convert to CD so I can listen to them again. (We don’t have a tape deck in our living room.) It shouldn’t be too hard, I just have to find everything and burn it. Right? Sure…

9. Christmas Stitch I have this adorable card I’ve been meaning to make for my SIL. I have yet to get to it. And I’d like to be able to send it this year.

10. Celebration dish I had this great idea about making a plate/dish that had the Wheel of the Year on it. I wanted to make it in conjunction with Samhain. I’ve celebrated that first one with just the materials. I’ve since celebrated another without it being completed. I have forty days before that happens again.

11. SYL challenge SYL = Simplify your life Given the fact that we’ve started looking to buy a house – which means we’ll be moving – we should really start seeing what we can live without. And there’s probably a lot that fits into that category. Just have to get to the point where I can find those items, remove them from our lives, and move onward. Like we’ve both agreed we don’t really need the second queen sized bed, and we want to replace it with a trundle. So why don’t we sell the darn thing, put our bed on the risers and move the stuff that’s hiding there under our bed? Don’t know. Just haven’t…

12. computer conversion our latest plot…go down to one computer. I’ve noticed that with the end of my masters program I’m not really using my own computer at home. Probably part of the problem is I’m on one at work all the time. The bit that I do need it for is because the Bald One doesn’t have MS Office Suite on his computer. So if we can nuke it off mine, put it on his, and be done…does it matter? We’d need to set up his computer so I can. And then sell my laptop. And buy a laserjet printer. Oh, and get me a better mini-flash drive – maybe one of these babies or if it looks really like I need room – this size. The first is more likely a candidate. My whole photos, music, and files are somewhere in the 4-8GB range.

13. Marilyn Marilyn is my guitar, a loverly Fender strat. I’m supposed to be learning how to play her like she deserves. Right now, all I can master is Smoke on the Water

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