Posted by: raesalley | September 28, 2006

13 reasons for ordering a Yaris

Last night after many months of deliberation, debating and decision-making, we ordered the Bald One his new car. There we were, at the Toyota dealership and I asked before we went in ‘are you sure?’ – and since the answer was yes…in we went.
13 reasons for ordering a Yaris

1. The Girl Reason: they’re too cute Have you seen the commercials? They’re adorable. It has spots to put everything, nice on the wallet…and who can resist the spy vs. spy version with the liftback and the sedan in the streets? Really, is there a cuter car out there?

2. The Boy Reason: Interior Light Package This was a geek out momen for D. He wants the LED lights all over the inside of the car for the cup holders, the center console section and to play with at the feet. I can’t blame him, it looks pretty cool.

3. Color: Nautical Blue There are plenty out there in this color, but only eight with the transmission that we want.

4. Transmission: 5Sp Manual There’s two reasons for the manual transmission – 1) we both prefer driving a stick shift car. There are just too many reasons that it’s cool & 2) the automatic transmission is only a four speed, which whines above 60mph.

5. Gas Mileage +40 on the highway, baby! He could probably get to Jersey on a single tank now. The bastard.

6. Power me up for some reason, many car manufacturers believe that you want to buy a manual transmission because you’re too cheap to shell out the ~$600 for the automatic transmission, not because you actually like driving a stick. (how could you possibly like working while driving? then you can’t drink coffee while talking on your cell and driving!) Anyway, because of this, they don’t bother to send out too many that have niceties like power windows or locks. After spending so much time with me in Siggy, D has seen the good qualities of such a feature. Not to mention faster down-window time on the cigarette.

7. Keyless Entry Open doors are just a click away. And if you have power doors, this only makes sense. Honest.

8. MP3 Capable sound. We like music a lot, and hauling it for a road trip can be a pain in the butt. No longer, if we can make a mix of music that’ll last us eight hours we could get to Cleveland and back with only three cds.

9. NC Inspection I fear to write how out of date the Mazda is. Let’s just say as far as the state is concerned, that puppy doesn’t get out of the driveway.

10. Quick! Before something else dies! about a month and a half ago, the battery finally conked out on his car and we had to double team use my car until we could replace it five days later. While I was working on a production. Let’s just say that wasn’t fun. At all. I’d like to have a new one before I have to do that again come late January

11. First comes love…then comes marriage… then comes laughing hilariously while we have a baby seat in the back of a hatchback? No thanks. And I wouldn’t trust the Mazda right now with anything more precious than D and I. At least being adults we know what things we’re doing to ourselves

12. Because Siggy is getting old Earlier this calendar year I dropped about $2k in maintenance for Siggy as she rolled over 100k miles. Which means that in about four-five years I’ll be at the point where she’s due a major overhaul or replacement. I’d like to have his car paid off before that happens.

13. It’s about time he’s never owned a new car that was brand new. He needed to get one with all the bells and whistles appropriate for him. 🙂

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