Posted by: raesalley | October 5, 2006

Thursday 13:

As mentioned in a few places – like here, we’re looking for a house. Part of the joy of looking for a house is looking around us and going “why do we have all this stuff” and trying to figure out what to get rid of. And how.
13 Things being Downsized!

1. Ye olde computer parts The Bald One’s computer is new to us. Heck, it was new to his parents too but they downsized and let us take over the payments. $300 later, he’s got a almost brand new computer. We’ve had it for a year. The thing is, we let another friend cannabilze the old one for parts as payment for the conversion to the new system…but he didn’t want the virtually dead monitor, the second keyboard or the speakers. I took the speakers to work, everything else went to Electronics Recycling Day at the Park.

2. The Fireant Best little laptop ever. Got me through the last two years of college and a few years of starting my own freelance business. Course, this means that I have to surplus it on taxes and dedicate figure out what to do about all that. The Fireant went to Electronics Recycling as well. The screen hasn’t been working, but I’ll let them see if they can fix it. Worst case scenario, they use the docking station to plug it into a working monitor.

3. My laptop Well, because of the excellent new-ish status of the Bald One’s computer and my lack of taking my laptop to rehearsals anymore…we’re thinking of trying to sell my laptop and buy an external hard drive for my theater stuff and a laserjet printer…and maybe upgrade my PDA. This is a downsize, because the new printer will let us get rid of the old printer…and by upgrading my PDA I’ll be able to have any processing power I might want at rehearsals. The external hard drive might be able to travel as well, which would be nice.

4. Filing we will go… Because of the computer downsizing, all of our household information will go back into the Office. Which means the Office will actually become an office instead of the den of stuff it currently is. Because of this, while we may not be able to get rid of a filing cabinet (freelance = small business = paperwork hell) we will have it all centrally located. And filed. Instead of The Bald One’s current practice of stacking it everywhere until he gets a chance to deal with it.

5. Desk-space. The final frontier My desk, which is twenty years old, was not meant for computing. But it’s been doing that for a while. It’s going to go back to being a craft work space, which makes me happier than you could possibily imagine. Because it means that the drawers currently overflowing with computer gak could instead be organized into meaningful storage that shouldn’t bet just left out. Which is what’s happening now.

6. Coffee makers How many coffeemakers do two people need? Apparently five, and two grinders. Because last month that’s how many we had. And one was a grind and brew. The grind & brew was the new purchase. It made us realize that we had two coffeemakers that were always out. One was programmable, but didn’t grind, and would only stay hot for two hours – the other was a double travel mug style, for which we no longer had the mugs. Mondays and Thursdays meant one of us was at work at 5am and the other was at work at 9am…the two hour timer doesn’t work for that. So the new grind and brew stays hot for four hours. Down those two. The single coffee maker I had at work was likewise FreeCycled due to lack of use and me re-evaluating it’s life. Now we’re just down to the grind & brew and a backup. I’m thinking I might be able to get rid of the back up, but I don’t know. The grinders, however, are being kept.

7. Bed When we moved in together, we had two beds. It made sense to keep the second one as a “just in case.” Then, it became a guest bed, which was lovely for visitors or late night parties at our place. Now, it just takes up space. We’ve fallen in love with a daybed that trundles out quite well to a king size bed. And it takes up as much room as a love seat would. and that’s just beautiful. The bed will be put up for sale probably come December – after my parents’ visit. The daybed will be bought post move. Any visitors between now and then will just have to sleep on the loveseat fold out bed. Which, we’ve heard, is actually really comfy.

8. The Protege not really being downsized as much as replaced. The poor relic has done us quite well…but now we need something a bit more reliable. Enter the Yaris. Read about it last week if you’d like.

9. Knives We have two knife blocks. And we’re looking at upgrading to a third (a Kapoosh, as a matter of fact). The reason is the base knives he started with and the low end Henkels I started with are both good…but we’re upgrading to the Twin Cuisine – one piece at a time. We have a few…but we need to lessen the ways to slice and dice before they take over our counter

10. Dishes This is another case of upgrading to reduce clutter. We’re slowing converting all of our dishes and pots and pans to one line of really nice pieces. As we get chunks of it, we’re getting rid of the offending pieces that need to be replaced.

11. Glasses Yep. That ChiChis raid dishware might have to find a new home. I’m still working on that though.

12. Clothes Both D & I have clothes that we don’t wear and probably never will. Some of it has been bagged up and is waiting to go to GoodWill. Others are lounging in our closets and drawers trying to conivince us they should stay. We’re getting more merciless with every pass

13. Furniture The baby fridge left recently for my day job locale to keep beverages chilly there. That freed up a footprint. We’re currently on the hunt for an armoire to better store his stuff and get rid of some of the closet need we have. One of our three coffeetables needs a new home. The critical eye is roaming around and realizing we don’t use a lot of our stuff. It’s kinda nice, actually.

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