Posted by: raesalley | October 9, 2006

I ::heart:: FreeCycle and other weekend tales

I’ve just disposed of three soft sided coolers and a plug in cooler. There’s a pile of stuff more but I can’t remember the specifics. One of them is the knife block, but I want to list what knives are in it. The coffeemakers from last week’s downsizing list have all found good homes now.

And even better, I’ve contacted our local SPCA and found a home for our two smaller cat carriers. While we have four cats, we’ll never take all of them to the vet at the same time. And it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever need to transport them all at the same time anywhere until we move. And that’ll be a different kind of adventure. There’s also the factor that our cats can’t fit in the smaller carriers anymore either. So there’s that.

Another thing accomplished this weekend was the creation of drawers in our bathroom. Because of the whole rearranging to the Office with combined computer power, I’m having free drawers in my desk. With that and my devout hope to clear off some projects…I have demoted one of my rolling storage things to our bathroom for better access to makeup, hair dryer, supplies, nail polish and the like. Once the re-piping adventure is over, I’m going to scrub out the corner and replace the litter box there with one of the high sided types like we have in the other bath. Those seem to go over better with the fur-demons that inhabit the household anyway.

Little steps my friends, little steps.


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